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Information on No Pork and No Alcohol Products


  • Product Name: Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box
  • Sales Price: 510 yen (550 yen incl. tax)
  • Product Description: A staple Japanese dish, sweet and salty broiled chicken thighs with soy sauce and sugar.
  • Ingredients: rice (Japanese domestic rice), chicken teriyaki, curry-flavored sauteed potatoes with onions and carrots, cabbage and bean sprouts sauteed with onions, soy sauce/acidity regulator, thickening agent (processed starch and polysaccharide thickener), seasoning (amino acid), glycine, (partially including eggs, milk constituents, wheat, soybeans, chicken and sesame seeds), [Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese spice mixture)(this comes in separate packet], red chili pepper, Citrus reticulata peel, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds, Sansho Japanese pepper, sea lettuce, hemp seeds, (partially including sesame seeds)


  • Product Name: Butter Chicken Curry
  • Sales Price: 430 yen (464 yen incl. tax)
  • Product Description: Authentic butter chicken curry in which you can enjoy the flavor of butter in addition to the umami and sourness of tomato.
  • Ingredients: rice (Japanese domestic rice), curry sauce (milk, chicken, coconut milk, tomato paste, sauteed onions, and more), cream sauce (milk, coconut milk and agar), parsley/acidity regulator, thickening agent,(processed starch), glycine, baking soda, artificial colors (paprika powder), processed starch, seasoning (organic acids, etc.), (partially containing milk constituents, soy, chicken and bananas)

Policy for No Pork and No alcohol Products

  1. Our company has not acquired halal certification from third party organization.
  2. The factory is also used for general food manufacturing and not a factory specialized in no pork and no alcohol products.
  3. Ingredients marked "pork", "pork-derived" or alcohol such as cooking sake and mirin are not used.
  4. Some seasonings are halal certified. (We check the contents of ingredients that are not halal certified.)
  5. The cooking equipment, rice cookers and production lines are shared with other products but they are properly cleaned, and carefully manufactured so that other ingredients do not mix into the products.
  6. After closing the lid of the lunch box, we use the same shipping container, product storage, transportation truck, and distribution warehouse as the general menu products.

November 4, 2019