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Cruising the moat by the golden “Osaka Castle’s Pleasure Boat” which makes you feel like a ruler of the country!

The boat goes around the inner moat of Osaka Castle in approximately 20 minutes.
It is a great opportunity to enjoy the sight of the castle tower (the keep) from the inner moat. Enjoy the ride on the “the golden boat, Osaka Castle’s Pleasure Boat” with the feeling of a ruler of the country!
This “Osaka Castle’s Pleasure Boat” was reproduced by referring to Hideyoshi’s Ho-Oh-Maru, which was painted on Toyotomi-Ki Osaka-Zu Byobu (The Folding Screen depicting Osaka in the Toyotomi Era) (owned by Eggenberg Castle in Austria).
Osaka Castle is located at the former site of Osaka Hongan-ji Temple.
Inside the Buddhist altars of the temple’s sect is filled with gold leaf.
As seen at the Rikyu and Hideyoshi’s golden tea-ceremony room, Hideyoshi loved gold deeply. Osaka Castle used to be also called the Golden Castle (Brocade Castle) for shining gold when the sunset reflected on the castle.

・Basic information about the cruise


・Information on charter reservations

・Access map to the dock

・Map around the dock

<Basic information about the cruise>

■Service Period
 Daily (no services are scheduled during winter)
 ※Service may be suspended depending on the weather conditions
 ※The number of boats are subject to change depending on the number of passengers.

■Operating Hours
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM (the final departure)
※Boats depart every 10 minutes (maximum capacity of 16 people).
※Depending on the conditions, boats may depart every 15 minutes.

■Boarding Ticket Counter / Boarding Location
Boarding Ticket Counter: Please purchase tickets and check-in at the boarding ticket counter located on the Northwest side of “Gokuraku Bridge” which is on the north side of the keep of Osaka Castle.
Boarding location: The dock is located at the west side of Osaka Castle Gokuraku Bridge.
※Tickets can also be purchased at specific travel agencies.


Adult: \1,500 (tax included)/ Child: \750 (tax included)
< Special fare for customers over 65 years of age> \1,000 (tax included)

※Children of elementary school ages or younger must be accompanied by a guardian.


080-3764-3773 (direct line to the boarding location 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM)




The shining gold interior of the roofed-pleasure boat
The amount of gold leaf used for each boat is approximately 3,000 pieces.


The stone wall, known for being the highest among Japanese castles will stand right in front of you. It rises approximately 34 meters high from below the water surface, and is easy to tell that this stone wall is exceptionally the best in Japan.


The keep looked up from the water surface 


Comparison between new and old constructions
The stone walls of Osaka Castle and a group of buildings of Osaka BusinessPark

人面石 解除済み.jpg

Human faced stone protecting the unlucky direction of the Osaka castle
Like a gargoyle tile, it is considered to have been inlaid to protect from evil spirits since it is facing northeast, the unlucky direction called Kimon, when seen from Honmaru, the castle’s main building.

石垣 最新.jpg

Engraved emblems of each clan can be seen clearly, which makes a historical atmosphere.
The feudal lords of 64 clans all over Japan were in charge of one each.


<Information on charter reservations>

Enjoy the pleasure boat while relaxing with friends and comrades.

[Basic Information on Charter Reservations]


■Operating hours : 10:00AM~Sunset

■Charter fees

 20 minutes \20,000 (tax included)

 50 minutes \30,000 (tax included)

 80 minutes \40,000 (tax included)

 110 minutes \50,000 (tax included)

■Feel free to eat and drink onboard
You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages onboard. Tables can be set up.
Please take your trash with you.

■Courses : free tour (the boat can be anchored at the point where the keep of Osaka Castle is seen)
※It is possible to return to the dock for restroom break during the cruise.

■Purposes : various kinds of party, meeting, seminar, moat observation gathering, tea party, singles party, etc.
※maximum capacity of 16 persons
※reservations can be made until 3 days prior to the date of boarding

■Cancellation Policy

・10% of the fare until 2 days before boarding
・30% of the fare on the day before boarding
・50% of the fare on the day of boarding

※Cancellation fees on the day of boarding due to bad weather will not be charged.


<Access map to the dock>

・15-minute walk from Temmabashi Station (Subway Tanimachi Line) (Keihan)

・10-minute walk from Osakajokoen station (JR Loop Line)

・10-minute walk from Osaka Business Park Station (Subway Nagahori- Tsurumiryokuchi Line)

・20-minute walk from Tanimachi 4-Chome

(Subway Tanimachi Line, Chuo Line)

・15-minute walk from Morinomiya Station( JR Loop Line) (Subway Chuo Line)

Map around the dock