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Find your perfect cruise and enjoy Suito Osaka!


In Osaka, you can cruise through the streets that all have their distinctive atmosphere.
Osaka has many regular liners as well as houseboats on which you can enjoy parties with meals and restaurant boats. There are seasonal event cruises such as the cherry blossom cruise during the beautiful cherry blossom season and also chartered cruises for enjoying the night view.
The boat is your travel partner as you explore Osaka.
As you look out from on the river, you are sure to discover a new Osaka, the aqua metropolis

・charter cruises
・houseboats・dinner cruises
・stand-up paddle boarding
・Suito Osaka Sightseeing Pass
・Piers map

Various districts and courses
Regular liners. Ride anytime

① Main Pier ② Operation route
③ Required time ④ Passage fare
(tax included) ⑤ Eating and drinking
⑥ Operating company

<Nakanoshima River Cruise>


<Nakanoshima Area>
Nakanoshima River Cruise
Now the 20-minutes sightseeing boat is here in the Nakanoshima-West area in Osaka for the first time.

① Fukushima (Hotarumachi) Pier
② Nakanoshima
③ 20 minutes approximately
④ Adult (Age 13 and older) 900 yen / Child (Age 12 and younger) Free of charge
⑤ Not available
⑥ Ipponmatsu Shipping Co., Ltd.

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Osaka Castle Area
<Golden Japanese
-Style Boat- Osaka-jo
Gozabune Boat>


Osaka Castle Area <Golden Japanese-Style Boat – Osaka Castle Pleasure Boat>
Experience the feel of a ruler. A rare cruise with view of the castle tower from the inner moat.
TEL: 06-6314-3773 
① Osaka Castle Gokurakubashi west side
② Osaka Castle inner moat 
③ Approx. 20 minutes
④ Adults: 1,500 yen / Children (Elementary/middle school students): 750 yen / 65 years and over: 1,000 yen
⑤ Bringing food and drinks onboard permitted *For chartered boats, the Kagairo bento can be reserved
⑥ Ban PR inc.
Available for charter from 30,000 yen/boat

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Dotombori Area
<Tombori River Cruise>


Enjoy Dotombori on the river to the full with the cheerful Osaka guide crew.
TEL: 06-6441-0532 
① Tazaemonbashi Pier
② Around Dotombori
③ Approx. 20 minutes
④ Adults: 900 yen / Children: 400 yen
  (Tickets sold on day of)
⑤ Not available
⑥ Ipponmatsu Shipping Co., Ltd /
  Ipponmatsu Kisen Co., Ltd /
  BAN PR inc.

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Nakanoshima East Area <Osaka Duck Tour> [Reservation recommended]


A tour of 60 minutes on land and 30 minutes on water cruising while viewing Osaka Castle and the Mint Bureau. A fun, talkative tour guide will take you on the tour.

TEL: 06-6941-0008
① River Station Hachikenya B1F
② Okawa excursion
③ Approx. 90 minutes (approx. 30 minutes on water, 60 minutes on land)
④ Adults: 3,700 yen / Elementary students and younger: 2,300 yen / infants (2 years and younger): 600 yen
⑤ Not available
⑥ Nihon Suiriku Kanko Co., Ltd.

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Dotombori Area
<Naniwa Exploration Cruise with Rakugo Comedians>
[Reservation recommended]


A very popular cruise that takes you around the water corridor on a state-of-the-art passenger boat. A Rakugo storyteller guides you through the aqua metropolis and its charms with light and clever commentary.
TEL: 06-6441-0532
① Minatomachi Pier, Universal City Port
  and others
② [Yumesaki Line on the River Course]
  [Loop Line on the River Course]
③ Both courses approx. 90 minutes 
④ Adults: 3,000 yen / Children: 1,000 yen
⑤ Sold onboard (*Reservation required) 
⑥ Ipponmatsu Shipping Co., Ltd
  Available for charter from 118,800 yen/boat

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Osaka Castle Area &
Nakanoshima East Area
[Reservation recommended]


A 60-minute cruise that takes you through the inner-city area from Osaka Castle to Nakanoshima. Enjoy views of Osaka’s elegant seasonal cityscape.
TEL: 0570-03-5551
① Osaka Castle Pier, Hachikenyahama Pier,
  Yodoyabashi Pier, OAP Pier
② Osaka Castle to Nakanoshima
③ Approx. 55 minutes
④ Adults: 1,700 yen / Children: 850 yen
⑤ Store onboard
⑥ Osaka Suijyo Bus Ltd.
 Available for charter from 153,000 yen/boat

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Osaka Castle Area
[Reservation required]


TEL: 0570-07-5551
① Boarding Place: Hachiken-yahama Pier・OAP Pier
② OAP to Nakanoshima
③ From approx. 50 minutes (*Differs by plan)  
④ Changes depending on plan
⑤ With meal 
⑥ Osaka Suijyo Bus Ltd.

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Bay Area
<Osaka Bay Cruise Santa maria>
[Reservation required only for twilight tours]

2006.5.3 (10)_s.jpg

TEL: 0570-04-5551 
① Kaiyukan Aquarium West Wharf
② Osaka Pier excursion
③ [Day-time] Approx. 45 minutes
  [Twilight] approx. 60 minutes
④ [Day-time] Adults: 1,600 yen / Children: 800 yen
  [Twilight] Adults: 2,100 yen / Children: 1,050 yen
⑤ Restaurant corner onboard
⑥ Osaka Suijyo Bus Ltd.

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Osaka Castle Area &
Dotombori Area
<AQUA mini>

*Limited time only from April to around early November


TEL: 0570-03-5551
① Osaka Castle Pier, Tazaemonbashi Pier,
  Minatomachi Pier
② Osaka Castle to Dotombori
③ Approx. 50 minutes (one-way)
④ Adults: 1,200 yen / Children: 600 yen
  (*One-way fare)
⑤ Bringing food and drinks onboard permitted
⑥ Osaka Suijyo Bus Ltd.
Available for charter from 50,000 yen/boat

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Dotombori Area
<Tombori River Jazz boat>
[Reservation recommended]


TEL: 06-6441-0532
① Minatomachi Pier
② Around Dotombori
③ Approx. 40 minutes  
④ Adults: 1,800 yen / Children: 500 yen  
⑤ Not available
⑥ Ipponmatsu Shipping Co., Ltd

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Bay Area <Capt. Line>


TEL: 06-6573-8222
① Kaiyukan Aquarium West Wharf, Universal City Port
② Kaiyukan Aquarium to Universal City
③ Approx. 10 minutes (one-way)
④ [One-way] Adults: 700 yen /
           Elementary students: 400 yen /
          Infants (4 years and younger)
          : 300 yen (*Discounts available for round-trip tickets)
⑤ Not available
⑥ Capt. Line
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Great night cruises
Chartered cruises

① Passenger capacity ② Charter fee
(tax included) ③ Operating company



A Lithium-Ion Electric Boat. Quiet and Environment-Friendly.
TEL: 06-6314-3773 
① 40 passengers
② From 100,000 yen/boat (Other options include 24-passenger capacity boat from 60,000 yen)
③ BAN PR inc.
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Chartered Open Boat with Customizable Layout
TEL: 06-6946-8363 
① 44 passengers
② From 60,000 yen/boat (Other options include 72-passenger capacity boat from 90,000 yen)
③ Ipponmatsu Shipping Co., Ltd 
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<Photo copyright> Photo by Yuji Ogura

“A Small House Floating on the River.” An Excursion Boat with a Wooden Deck
TEL: 050-3736-6333 
① 10 passengers
② From 18,000 yen/boat (Shared adult tickets from 2,100 yen)
③ Ofune-Camome
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Enjoy a Taste of Luxury on This Cruise with a Glass of Wine or Champagne
TEL: 06-6552-3733
① 9 passengers
② 21,600 yen/boat
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Popular Night Cruise to Enjoy the Osaka’s Night View
TEL: 06-6222-6700 
① 9 passengers
② 30,000 yen/boat
③ Kitahama Rumba
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Meals included!
Houseboats and
Restaurant Boats

*Reservation required
① Passenger capacity ② Boarding Pier 
③ Fare (For 1 person; tax included)
④ Allowed to bring onboard
⑤ Operating company 

<Garyu (Osaka Yakatabune Houseboat)>


From 10 Passengers. Enjoy a Chartered Party and a Delicious Dining Experience. Currently Accepting Year-End and New-Year Parties.
TEL: 0120-0489-14 
① 50 passengers
② Hachikenyahama Pier
③ Meal and bottomless drinks from 4,860 yen
④ Drinks only
⑤ Kato Pleasure Group
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Authentic Fishermen’s Cuisine Made Wholeheartedly with Seafood Fresh from Kasumi
TEL: 0120−0489−14 
① 55 passengers
② Hachikenyahama Pier
③ Meal from 6,800 yen
 (Bottomless drink separate / Shared plans available)
④ Not permitted
⑤ Yukaicho
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Enjoy Gorgeous Food and Bottomless Drinks on This Beautiful Well-Equipped Houseboat
TEL: 06-6928-3354 
① 40 passengers
② Hachikenyahama Pier
③ Meal and bottomless drinks from 9,180 yen (No-meal fares also available)
④ Optional plan
⑤ Yakatabune Daikimaru
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<Mikami Yusen>


A Chartered Houseboat with Sunken Kotatsu. Hosting Banquets for Minimum 10 Passengers to a Large Group
TEL: 06-6584-6401 
① 44 passengers
② Hachikenyahama Pier
③ Day-time course from 5,400 yen /
 Night-time course from 7,560 yen
④ Not permitted
⑤ Mikami Yusen
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<Gondola Bar>


A Floating Restaurant Bar for Enjoying Your Preferred Course Meals
TEL: 06-6623-9110 
① 22 passengers
② Hachikenyahama Pier GondolaBar, Nakanoshima Rose Port
③ Meal and bottomless drinks from 8,000 yen
④ Optional plan (Different boat)
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Enjoy the Chef’s Special Cuisine and Night View on a Cruise Party
TEL: 06-6362-1000
① 50 passengers
② Nakanoshima LOVE CENTRAL
③ Meal and bottomless drinks 5,000 yen
  to 12,000 yen (other options negotiable)
④ Drinks only
⑤ Kato Pleasure Group
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City SUP
(Stand Up Paddle)School


The stand-up paddleboard (also called SUP) has been attracting much attention. Enjoy this water activity as you ride peacefully on the water and the view of Okawa River (formerly Yodogawa River), famous for its Tenjin Festival.
○Date and time: Almost daily; Held twice daily at 7 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. (approx. 60 minutes each class)
○Venue: River Station Hachikenya
○Other fees : Weekday 4,000 yen / Saturday, Sunday, holidays 5,000 yen
○Notes: Class targeted towards the inexperienced and beginners. Lessons available only for Middle School students and older. Reservation required at least 3 days prior. Will be canceled during bad weather.
○Organizer: Japan City SUP Association(TEL: 06-6125-0550)
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Suito Osaka Sightseeing Pass


A combined discount ticket which includes the "Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau 1-day Ticket", offering unlimited rides on the subway, municipal buses and the New Tram, and a "Bar Ticket" valid at restaurants and tourist facilities at 63 spots in 8 areas within Osaka City. (\3,300)
○Release・validation period/Saturday April 22nd 2017-Wednesday・Holiday March 22nd 2018
○Available locations / Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau: Each station’s stationmaster’s office, commuter ticket office (Excludes Tenjinbashisuji-rokuchome Station)
Osaka Suijo Bus: Hachikenyahama Port, Yodoyabashi Pier, Osaka Castle Pier, Kaiyukan Aquarium West Wharf
Osaka Visitors Information Center (Umeda/Namba)
○Inquiries at
Osaka Suijo Bus Ltd. TEL: 0570-03-5551 
Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau;
Osaka Municipal Transportation Information Center
TEL: 06-6582-1400(8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

Piers map